Legal Guidance For Real Estate Transactions

At TFLG, A Law Corporation, we guide clients through real estate transactions and ensure that all parties follow the law. Our Sacramento law firm represents real estate buyers and sellers across Northern California, including Placer and Yolo counties. We have a thorough knowledge of real estate law and a commitment to profitably resolving our clients' transactions.

Our lawyers have over 50 years of combined legal practice representing both real property buyers and sellers. Attorneys Eric Fernandez and Noah Bean are licensed brokers who have guided hundreds of real estate transactions over their long careers. Mr. Fernandez is also a licensed realtor who owns C.I. Real Estate, a full-service real estate brokerage firm. This considerable experience gives us the ability to quickly review your transaction and answer your questions .

We Ensure Effortless Real Estate Transactions

Selling or purchasing real estate without a knowledgeable lawyer can cause you to sign unenforceable contracts and skip necessary disclosures. California is not a "buyers beware" state and sellers are required to inspect and disclose issues with their property. This is one of the many mistakes a seller can make that can lead to longer transaction times, escrow issues and stalled closings. A well-written contract and an experienced attorney can protect both buyers and sellers from litigation, fines and other legal action.

We can help people with many types of real estate transaction legal matters, including:

• For sale by owner transactions

• Use occupancy agreements

• Agricultural contracts

• Mineral rights

• Land use licensing

• Eminent domain proceedings for land owners and businesses

Get Experienced Guidance For Your Transaction

Purchasing or selling property often involves hundreds of thousands of dollars and can take months to close. Do not risk your time, money and property, talk to an attorney. Call our law firm at 800-792-6610 or send us a message to set up your free consultation.